DHDNet – Developers Helping Developers Network

What exactly is DHDNet?

This is a community based,  project driven network of developers willing to collaborate with other developers to further knowledge, experience, and project collaboration.


Why did we develop this project?

As developers ourselves, we often ran into situations in which we could use another developers skills, intuition and eyes in general. However, we could never find an open community willing to share with a community of developers both local to southern Oregon, in your local community and world wide. So we decided to try and build up this idea of open exchange for equal investment.

Now I know that sounds like a bunch of hogwash but, what we are trying to do is have a place to discuss projects, ask for assistance, offer assistance all with the idea of supporting each others projects.


How would this work?

The DHDNet would be the connecting point for projects and developers.

You would be able to search for developers by skill types, location compared to yours, project types, post projects for developer review.

Each project could be tracked and when a successful launch happens, notifications to the community will be shared.


So what do we consider developers?

We see anyone that creates for the web, gaming or programming industries as developers.

We include artists, musician, designers, programmers and testers as developers with a strong skill set to offer any of the projects in the open list.


Are you a Developer?

If you consider yourself in one of the many possible positions to be a developer then you should join this growing network.

Get help, give help, succeed!

Get Involved!