O'rakh - A Game of Choices

Life is all about choices and each choice has light and dark aspects. What choices will you make and how light or dark you become is entirely your choice! However, the access to your next reality is based on the lightness and darkness held within your eternal energy spirit.


Hermes Tome Shoppe

You realize you are in a strange land, surrounded by trees. You can hear sounds in the distance. You follow the sounds to find an isolated settlement. As you enter the small village you realize that everyone seems to be subdued and impoverished. There are many buildings in the village but the biggest and nicest is a Shoppe of some sort near the center of the square. The only sign in the entire village is for “Hermes’ Tome Shoppe.” The use of the word tome seems odd to you but…

Droid Adventures

Through a series of “unfortunate accidents”, you, Ardi, are the sole remaining maintenance droid on a deep space supply outpost, Riegel 36. Ardi’s mission is to keep the station alive until the new shipment of droids arrives! The outpost commander and the security chief are your main contacts for information, mission updates and advice. Working through the computer systems will be a benefit to conserve Ardi’s energy. However, maintaining the network for systems communications is as important to maintaining the outpost as repairing physical components.

Following Fiona

Fiona is a young, fun loving kid that likes to sing, explore and solve puzzles.

She lives in a small town in a big valley with a lot of fun places to explore!

Which is why she needs your help, she lost her best friend “Teddy” a small cute stuffed teddy bear.

Game design for fun and education!


Southern Oregon Game design institute

Course offerings by game designers see some examples below.

Introduction to Game Design with GameMaker Studio 1.4

Introduction to Game Design with GameMaker Studio 2

Intermediate Game Design with GameMaker Studio 1.4

Intermediate Game Design with GameMaker Studio 2

Intro to GML for GameMaker Studio 1.4

Intro to GML for GameMaker Studio 2

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