Game Description:

Life is all about choices and each choice has light and dark aspects. What choices will you make and how light or dark you become is entirely your choice! However, the access to your next reality is based on the lightness and darkness held within your eternal energy spirit.

It is in our human nature to be mean and cruel. To become better individuals, we must always remember that going with our human nature is not always in our best interests. Nor is it in our species existence to forget those horrors done by our collective ancestors. It is in the power of the individual to change that we as a species can change. No one is wrong and no one is right! We must come together as a collective to help change all of our own misconceptions of each other.

It is with this premise that we challenge you to choose your life in this little game we call O’rakh…

Will you choose to go to a better existence or will you choose to go to much harder existences?

Will you choose to grow or will you choose to become shadows, shades of gloom and doom in people’s memories?


  • Platform: UE4
  • Game type: First person perspective adventure puzzle
  • Target Platform: Desktop, iOS, Android



  • Objective – to grow as an individual for the betterment of those directly around you. To go to lighter levels and learn to stay away from the dark levels and life choices
  • Standard first person perspective.
  • Problem solving – forcing the player to make decisions.
    • Each choice given has light and dark values
      • The values are added to the aura of the player
      • The values are adjusted by the players total overall value during gameplay
      • The total overall value for the aura determines the next level for the player
    • Level premises
      • The start level is in the middle of the spectrum of levels. It looks and feels gloomy and dull.



  • UE4 first person controller
    • Standard keyboard control support
    • Gamepad control support
  • Additional blueprints and/or scripts