Game Description:

You realize you are in a strange land, surrounded by trees. You can hear sounds in the distance. You follow the sounds to find an isolated settlement. As you enter the small village you realize that everyone seems to be subdued and impoverished. There are many buildings in the village but the biggest and nicest is a Shoppe of some sort near the center of the square. The only sign in the entire village is for “Hermes’ Tome Shoppe.” The use of the word tome seems odd to you but, it seems inviting enough. However, you have a sinking feeling that something is not quite right in this community.

As you enter the Shoppe, you notice that it is completely filled with all manor of tomes, manuscripts and scrolls. The air seems stale and laden with an odd mustiness that seemingly feels stifling and oppressive. The Shoppe keeper, Hermes, is an older gentleman that displays some very odd quirks once you start talking to him. But he is very wise and knowledgeable so heed his ramblings as not all are the utterings of a fool!