Game Description

Through a series of “unfortunate accidents”, you, Ardi, are the sole remaining maintenance droid on a deep space supply outpost, Riegel 36. Ardi’s mission is to keep the station alive until the new shipment of droids arrives! The outpost commander and the security chief are your main contacts for information, mission updates and advice. Working through the computer systems will be a benefit to conserve Ardi’s energy. However, maintaining the network for systems communications is as important to maintaining the outpost as repairing physical components.

Scattered throughout the station are parts that can help upgrade or downgrade Ardi. Some upgrades are often needed to accomplish tasks or to even move to the next level. Even though Ardi is self contained, he uses more energy than the plasma sphere can maintain in its current configuration. So managing his use of energy, charging from the station, collecting plasma orbs and managing the time is critical. If you die on a level and start over, Ardi might have to go back and get a suddenly missing attribute. But be careful as not all parts are “helpful”. Throughout the outpost are droid communications stations that can be used to communicate and gather information but more importantly, to recharge the plasma fuel needed to stay mobile and alive.

This is a 2D side scrolling plat-former style game, similar to Super Mario Bros gameplay and Prince of Persia’s running along a wall multitasking, of skill and speed to accomplish the list of maintenance requests coming in from the outposts systems. The upgrade system will be automatically applied and each upgrade builds on the previous. Be careful and keep the droid from falling over and make sure you don’t install the wrong parts while you move around the station…